Hip Hop Dance Class

Ages (10+)

This class is available for drop-in.

A fun, high-energy class that infuses latest styles of popping, locking, street styles. Step outside the box with these urban dance styles.

Students will learn the fundamentals as well as the groove and bounce of hip hop. Styles include house, locking, popping, lofting, and social dances. Students will build on their ability to pick up choreography and freestyle across all the styles.

Single Class Pass ($15.00)

There are no class times for this class currently. If you are interested in this class, call us at (334) 409-0522 or email us at info@montgomeryballet.org.

Registration for classes now open!

Class registration now open!

Open Adult Ballet

We have open adult ballet classes available for students of all ages and experience levels. You can purchase individual class tickets or class packages.

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