2020 Summer Intensive Auditions

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Prepare For Tryouts At Our Dance Team Clinic

Dancers learn how to tryout for their school’s team including: kick lines, jumps, turns, pom technique, flexibility, & strength. There will also be Tryout Q&As.

Princess Ballerina Camp

This year’s Princess Ballerina Camp will be taught by Meghan Schlanger whose credits include Walt Disney, The Crimson Caberet, Miss Alabama, Birmingham Ballet.

“It has always been this company’s goal to nurture ballet and dance in our community. That’s why we make sure our professional dancers live right here in Montgomery. They rent apartments, buy groceries, and enrich the community by being a part of it. Your benefaction makes our productions and programs while helping a professional dancer remain part of the Montgomery economy. So thank you for getting to know Montgomery Ballet. Together, we make this city a vibrant place in which to live.”

Danny Mitsios, Executive Director

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